This course is the introductory training for the RazorBlazers Club. It outlines the 5 stages of the PRISM model we use and teach.

The PRISM course will help you set the base for growing and becoming profitable using social media.

We have split the training into 5 videos so you could easily access the topic your most interested. But we suggest you follow our structure from Module 1 to Module 5 if this is the first time you’re going to the training.

Module 1 – P for People 

Module 2 – R for Relationships

Module 3 – I for Inbound

Module 4 – S for Subscribers

Module 5 – M for Monetization

Last Updated: 17th Nov 2016

Workbook – download and print the workbook before watching the training video so you can answer the questions and take notes to cement . what you are learning.

List of Tools – download a list of the tools we discussed in this session. For each tool we provide a link to the tool and some details on pricing!