Watch this intro video first so you get a good overview of the many stages in this training.

This course on “Building Email Subscribers” will help you increase the size of your email list with valuable and targeted leads.

We have shared very practical tips on tools and tactics that have worked for us and other businesses.

Module 1 – Tools for building Email Subscribers

Module 2 – Deciding on Your Optins

Module 3 – Creating your Optins

Module 4 – Installing the Optins on Your Website

Module 5 – Driving Traffic to your Optin

Module 6 – Track your Conversions

Tools for Building Email Subscribers 

I know it may seem strange to start of this course talking about tools, but the fact is that the tool you use is the foundation of your email marketing strategy.  There are so many tools available for building email subscribers and you definitely need to use something!

Should you choose an email marketing or marketing automation tool?

Your email marketing tool will store all the details of your subscriber list, provide facilities for sending them emails, provide some level of automation, reporting, and more.

The big difference between an email marketing solution and a marketing automation tool is price and features!

A marketing automation tool will have more advanced automation features and will have a load of additional features that email marketing tools may not have.  For example, here are some advanced features that marketing automation tools are likely to have:

  • Advanced automation – You can build complicated automation sequences based on the activities of your subscribers
  • Landing pages – most automation tools provide you with a tool for building landing pages which are a critical part of any email marketing strategy.
  • Payment integration – you can sell products/services
  • Online behavior tracking – kicking off automated emails based on the behavior of the user on the site.

But, you will probably end up spending at least a couple of hundred dollars a month on a marketing automation tool which you should only do if you’ve reached the limits of your email marketing tool.

What tools do we recommend?

If you are not ready for a marketing automation tool (or if you don’t have the budget) then use MailChimp. It provides great functionality at a reaonable price and it’s a very reliable platform.

If you have big plans for the future and you do have the budget them sometimes it’s better to take the leap and invest in a marketing automation tool!

If you are investing in a marketing automation tool here are some options:

  • Ontraport – We use Ontraport.  It’s a very good tool and relatively easy tool to use (automation can be complex).  The starting price is $79 per month if you have less than 1,000 contacts and then it goes up to $297.
  • InfusionSoft – This is used by more of the top internet marketers around the world than Ontraport but it’s a more complicated and more expensive system to use.  It starts at $199 per month which includes up to 12,500 contacts and you also have to buy some initial support.  If you’re not technical you’ll have problems with InfusionSoft so you’ll need a consultant to help.
  • Active Campaign – The starting price is $9 per month and then goes up to $49 per month.  Great price for the functionality provided so worth considering.