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Previous Workshops

Become More Effective on Facebook

Who doesn’t want to get more engagement and leads with Facebook.  But with Facebook constantly changing it’s hard to keep up and remain effective as the goal posts keep moving.

In this workshop we focus on building an active, growing, engaged community and driving more traffic from Facebook to your website.


Social Media Analytics

At this time of year it’s important to start planning for 2017 and reviewing what’s working and not working with your business.  Once you know this you can start refocusing your efforts in the areas that are getting the best results.   For example, if you knew what type of content is delivering you the most enagement and driving you the most traffic and sales then wouldn’t you want to do more of it in 2017!

In this workshop, we go through some tactics and tools you can use to assess the growth, relevancy and engagement you are getting across your main social channels, as well as how what social channels are getting you the most traffic and conversions.


Researching Keywords for your Blog

Great content is just content if no one can find it! You need to make it easy for people to discover your content, and keyword research is an essential part of this.

In this workshop, we look at a process you can use for keyword research so you don’t waste time trying to rank for keywords that are not going to bring you traffic or ones that you have no chance of ranking for.

And of course we look at a range of tools to help you!


Storytelling Through Video – Video Production

For this workshop we invited Fiona Ashe to do a session about storytelling using Video.

Fiona is a social media specialist but also has a film director background. Our storytelling skills are more important than ever so I think you’ll find this session extremely interesting.


How to build a thriving community

We all are building communities on social media all the time, whether that’s an open community on your Facebook page or Twitter account, or a closed/private community on a Facebook/LinkedIn group, or a private social network like Ning/Slack.  

But regardless of what platform your community is on, the skills for building a community are the same across them all, and are so important. In this session, Ian takes you through a 9-step process for building and managing a community.


How to run profitable webinars

If you haven’t even thought about using webinars for your business it’s definitely worth watching because you will be amazed at how relevant this could be for your business!

Webinars are a great way of building an audience and generating business. But there’s a lot involved in running a webinar. In this 2-part training we go through a process to follow when running your webinar. Using this process you’ll get more people onto to your webinar and more sales on the webinar!

To accompany the workshop we produced a document outlining the process we follow and some additional tips on how to run webinars.

During the workshop we also show you a sample Webinar Workbook that we provide to people before any of our webinars which gets them to answer questions and take notes during the webinar.  You can download both of these documents using the buttons on the right!

In part 2, Ian guides you through how to run your webinar to make it valuable and engaging so your audience sticks with you until the end.  It also covers how to promote an offer during your webinar and more importantly how to make the swtich from the learning element to the promotion.  And finally we look at the email follow-up sequence to ensure you capitalize on the momentum after the event.

7 Power Pinning Tips to Grow Pinterest

Vincent NG is one of the world’s leading experts in Pinterest Marketing.

In this session Vincent goes through his 7 power pinning tips on how you can grow your presence on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your website.

Pinterest is one of the top drivers of traffic over other social media channels and is definitely a channel worth knowing more about.


How to optimize profitability of sales funnels through tracking engagement

In this workshop, Jason Swenk of JasonSwenk.com,  goes through his advanced strategy for creating his ‘Milestone Marketing Sales Funnels’ which will show you the importance of assessing your subscribers needs and diverting them to relevant sales funnels specific to those needs to increase conversion. 

Jason ran a very successful digital agency with clients such as Hitachi, AT&T and Lotus Cars. After selling his agency he set up Jasonswenk.com where he provides online training to agencies around the world.

Jason is awesome and I am confident you will find this session extremely interesting.


How to increase profitability of your business by building influence

In this session, we talk about how you build influence for you, your brand and your website to help drive more relevant traffic and sales.

Influencer marketing is, and will become, more important. Did you know that brands investing in working with influencers are seeing a much higher return than paid advertisement? It’s important to know how to build influence, how to engage with influencers and how take advantage of the influence you have.

Everyone is influential, let’s increase that influence!


SEO tips to drive more free traffic from Google

In this session we give an overview of the important elements for SEO and discuss a range of practical tips/quick wins to ensure that Google is feeding you with more traffic!

And better still, we actually take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how we optimise our own blog posts. 


How to build a content version funnel (demo)

In this session, Ian goes through a practical demonstration of the components required to build a sales funnel which starts with a piece of content.

You attract people with content which leads to a sale. But knowing the theory of wht you need to do is one thing. Practically implementing all the stages of the funnel can be daunting. So in this workshop Ian shows you what you need to consider, suggested tools to use, tracking the results of your funnel and more.

After the session you’ll have some great ideas for your business.


Unlocking the potential of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be an extremely powerful tool to build your community and build sales for your business.

This is the first of several sessions on Facebook ads and in this session we start by going through what is possible with ads.

We talk about setting up your pixel, building custom audiences, using audience insights to research audiences, creating ad copy, split testing, conversion tracking and using the ad tools available.

We also go through setting up a campaign within the Facebook Ads Manager.


How to analyze and optimize social traffic in Google Analytics

What traffic do you get from social media to your website and what happens to this traffic?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions you really need to watch this!

You invest a lot of time in social media so you need to make sure you are investing it wisely. This workshop will help you understand how to analyze your social media traffic in Google Analytics to figure out what social channels are sending you traffic, how long they are staying on your site, what actions they are taking and if any conversions are happening from this traffic.

Analytics is something we often overlook but I don’t want you to!!!


How to grow your leads through LinkedIn

In the 2nd workshop this month, we had special guest Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media who is a world renowned expert on LinkedIn and author of the best-selling book “The LinkedIn Code”.  

Melonie was recently listed as one of the top 50 social selling experts globally so in this session she takes us through her lead generation process for LinkedIn and shows us how LinkedIn can be used as a very effective prospecting tool, and gave us some great tactics which you should be employing in your business. 


How to grow your leads and traffic from Twitter

This is the first of 2 workshops we did in April on “Building Leads and Traffic”. In this one we go through a process for building your audience on Twitter, building engagement, and then driving more traffic and leads.  


How to massively increase the reach of your content through promotion

One of the most crucial skills for social media and content marketing is promoting your content. If you can promote your content effectively you can create less content as existing content will go further. In this session we  go through a range of techniques for promoting content across the web and social media channels. This will include email outreach techniques.


Building Your Sales Funnels – Part 1

Sales funnels are an efficient and effective way to turn traffic into sales, but where and how do you get started? In this webinar, we take a practical look at the many steps and elements involved in building a simple sales funnel. Topics include:

  • The essential elements of a successful funnel – Opt-ins, Landing Pages, Email Sequences, effective copy
  • How to build your conversion funnel
  • How to drive traffic into your funnel
  • How to measure and optimize each stage of the funnel



How to Build a Massive Community of Email Subscribers

Your email subscribers are your most valuable asset, so managing and growing this list is key to your success. In this webinar we go through a range of key topics to help build a community of engaged email subscribers. Topics include:

  • Deciding on your hook to incentivise visitors to sign-up
  • The many types of opt-ins you can use on your site, and which work best
  • How to track, test and optimize your opt-ins to get higher conversions
  • Using landing pages to gather email subscribers

And surprise, surprise! We also discuss a range of tools you can use to create your opt-ins and landing pages.


How to Build a Blog that Will Dominate in Your Niche

Practical tips that will help you build a strategy for your blog and take it one step ahead of the competitors in your niche. Plus, some cool tools we use to do that.. Topics include:

  • Process you can work through to pick your niche
  • Research you can do to help make smart informed decisions about the topics you are going to write about, which you know will drive you traffic
  • How to optimize and promote your content so you can start building authority and influence in your niche.

Building Your Sales Funnel with Social Media Traffic

Learn how to drive more traffic from social media to your website and build a sales funnel to convert this to sales. Topics include:

  • Specific ways that are guaranteed to drive significant traffic from social media to your website.
  • Tips you can implement immediately that will change how you post content on social media channels.
  • Techniques for building landing pages, including some copywriting best practices for achieving high converting copy every single time you create a landing page.