These templates, checklists, guides and cheatsheets are there to make your life easier. We will be adding new ones to the list every month so if there’s ever anything you need, drop us a note via the feedback form or pop on over to the Support Group and have a chat with us

BLOG POST OPTIMIZATION TEMPLATE (document) – This template gives you guidelines for what you should do when optimizing your blog content.  It complements the training workshop on “Keyword Research” as it covers exactly what you need to do with your blog posts after you have done your keyword research and identified the keywords you want to rank for. (file size – 137Kb)

Last Update: November 2016

PRISM DIGITAL MARKETING PLANNING GUIDE (document) – This is a very practical approach to creating a plan for your digital marketing using PRISM. It contains an outline of what you need to plan for with a template to complete.  (file size – 1.8Mb)

Last Update: October 2016

31 TIPS TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC FROM SOCIAL MEDIA TO YOUR WEBSITE (cheatsheet) – Simple cost effective or free tools that you can help you identify opportunities to drive more traffic and/or install some of them to immediately get more traffic.  (file size – 1Mb)

Last Update: May 2016

7 TOOLS TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG – This tools guide highlights 7 of the most useful tools for your blog.  Each of these when used correctly can increase the tgraffic to your blog. So check each of them out.  (file size – 1.3Mb)

Last Update: April 2016

COMMUNITY ORIENTATION GUIDE – This guide helps new members to the club understand what they should do to build up their skills online and in what order. It will help you navigate through the training and information that is available in the community and apply things in a logical order.  (file size – 261Kb)

Last Update: March 2016

QUICK WINS CHECKLIST – This guide outlines some really quick and easy things you can implement which can have an immediate impact on your business.  (file size – 353Kb)

Last Update: March 2016

19 EXTREMELY USEFUL TIPS TO MANAGE TWITTER EFFECTIVELY – Whether you are really active on Twitter or are just starting out, this guide gives you some great tips on how to make the most out of this channel, including how to manage your time and efforts more efficiently.  (file size – 1.2Mb)

Last Update: February 2016

CHECKLIST FOR THE BEST PODCAST TOOLS – This quick checklist lists some of the best microphones, recording software, and editing tools used by some of the best podcasters in the industy. So if you’re thinking of starting a podcast, you need to take a look. (file size – 450Kb)

Last Update: January 2016

BUILD YOUR MARKETING ENGINE WITH PRISM – PRISM is our process for implementing your marketing engine. It’s focused on social media and blogging but can be adapted for any marketing activity. This guide gives you an introduction to PRISM and a few tips to get you started.
(file size – 803Kb) 

HOW TO GET 1000 VISITORS TO YOUR NEXT BLOG POST – Take your blog post promotion to the next level using our tried and tested process that will definitely generate you a lot of traffic. Group posts are a fantastic traffic generator and this “step-by-step” guide shows you exactly what to do – we even give you the emails you can use, so no excuses!  (file size – 1Mb)

CHECKLIST FOR BLOG PROMOTION – When you publish a blog post you need to have a list of items that you check off each time to ensure you are consistent with your promotion.  (file size – 173Kb)

CHECKLIST FOR YOUR PERFECT TWITTER PROFILE – This quick guide will help you make improvements to your Twitter profile. While some of the improvements may appear minor, they are still important.  (file size – 341Kb)

CHECKLIST FOR TWITTER ANALYTICS – This checklist outlines the top 7 most important metrics you need to be monitoring on a regular basis for your Twitter account.  (file size – 213Kb)

TIPS FOR CREATING THE PERFECT BLOG POST – There are so many elements to consider when writing a blog post, so here are 22 top tips to get you started.  (file size – 591Kb)